Wedding Reception Idea – Grazing Table

Weddings are notorious for dancing. Fuel your wedding guests with a innovative and fun grazing table. A grazing table, presented like a work of art, usually features cheese, meats and fruits.

Adios to waiters walking around with traditional canapes and forgetting the napkins, say hello to guests being able to pick and choose what they please all night. As well as the fact they look amazing on your Instagram feed.

Here are some tips on how to create your special wedding grazing table:

  1. Select a fun or unique table

Treat your table as your canvas, and the food as your paint. Make sure to have a smooth, solid base to work with.

2. Build your table with beautiful utensils

From the plates to the serving cutlery, it all comes down the detail. Find utensils that compliment your wedding ceremony theme and grazing table.


3. Mixing and matching

Select a theme for your table and work around it. Make sure that the food, colours and accessories compliment each other to allow for a harmonious table. There is no limit to what food you want!

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