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Food wedding stations are predicted to be a hot trend for 2019 wedding receptions. Food stations are a “style of dinner service which consists of multiple buffets set up as stations throughout the wedding reception”. Having a food station allows for your wedding guests to sample a variety of different food choices. Your wedding may stretch for the entire day, having food stations allow for your guests to celebrate with you all day without a single rumbling tummy.

There are a few things to consider before setting up your food stations:

  • how many guests will be there
  • the type of space / whether that space will be able to facilitate your food stations
  • how many stations you want to have
  • whether or not your food stations will require additional staff to help, or will they be self sufficient stations


And now the fun stuff! Here are the different types of food stations you may want to set up for your wedding reception:

  1. Popcorn Station

A popcorn stations is one of the easiest and cheapest food station options. It is a light snack that your guests can have all night. You can have a range of different flavours or toppings as well.

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2. Lolly Bar Station

For this station, there really is no limit to the amount or types of lollies you wish to display on your station. You may choose to display your lollies in giant glass cocktail glasses or mason jars and provide your guests with custom lolly bags.

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3. Dessert and cakes table

Cake tables work well at weddings. You can also display homemade desserts such as your nan’s famous spongecake or your special cupcakes. They are a fun food station that your guests are sure to love.


4. Pizza Bars

Pizza is becoming a fun and affordable choice for food at weddings. You can either hire a caterer or perhaps even a pizza food truck to allow for a smooth service all day.

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