2019 Wedding Trend: Glam Bar

Yep you heard that right, this might possibly be every makeup lovers dream..a glam bar! At this bar, we don’t serve cocktails, instead, its an all-in-one hair and makeup salon right at your reception.

The women’s bathrooms at a reception are often filled with guests checking to see if their makeup has lasted through those intense dance moves. How amazing would it be if you could get a makeup touch-up or your hair looking snatched at any point of the wedding reception by a professional makeup artist. Hey, if you want have a full 2019 Met Ball Lady Gaga moment and change your look four times at one reception, then go for it.

2019 is seeing more and more couples booking beauty companies for their guests to provide glamour makeup and hair services on the day. This creating a unique and fun experience your guests are sure to love.

However, if budget is is saying a strict no to hiring professionals, then go full DIY. Purchase a few makeup organisers and containers from Target, some Q-tips, makeup wipes, beauty blenders, hand sanitiser, tissues etc.

You might want to fill your station with:

  • makeup brushes
  • lipstick
  • concealer
  • highlighter
  • eyeshadow pots
  • fake lashes
  • translucent powder
  • setting spray
  • bronzer and blush

As for the hair side of things:

  • hair straightener
  • hair curler
  • bobby pins
  • hair ties
  • hair spray
  • hair chalk
  • headbands and clips

Be creative and let your inner makeup artist free. Go for ring light and a huge mirror, so you and your guests can have an unlimited supply of flawless selfies.

A glam bar is also a great way to treat yourself and you bridesmaids at your hens night.